Why You Must Try These Dark Lipsticks Trend

It’s called revamp! It’s daring, beautiful and also one of the sexiest things invented as part of fashion.

Little wonder dark lips are SO in trend, and a pretty much the norm these days.

It gives that sultry, sexy, alternative look (depending on how its applied) without making you look like the witch in Wizard of Oz lol.

Makeup artists the world over have made this beauty trend an absolute sensation, sporting dark wines, pinks, purples and even shades of blue and black!

High end makeup brands started out making all sorts of “darkies” but of course, trust the cheaper drugstore brands to hop on the dupes (one of our happiest moments in the beautisphere)

If you really want to achieve the look above? it is way too easy!

Achieve the above colours in these shades with the following makeup brands;

  1. NYC