What’s in your bag?

You know how men ridicule women for the size of their bag, we might join in this act if your bag does not have certain necessities, no need carrying a big bag packed full with all of the wrong things, right? Well if you are still racking your head wondering what the things are, take a minute and read through what we have compiled.

  1. Face Towels: No it is not attractive to clean your sweat with the back of your hand or with your top, No! A clean face towel is actually more helpful and healthy for your skin. Carry two if you sweat excessively or just in case something unforeseen happens to one of them.
  2. Cloth: Your shoe might get dusty or your bag might fall off and get dirty, you cannot use your hand or your face towel either, so the need for a small cloth which can be cut from an old dress is necessary.
  3. Hand Sanitizer: So in the event that you have to use your hand to clean your bag or you work at a place that requires a lot of handshakes with guests or clients, a sanitizer should be in your bag at all times; do not say my colleagues look clean and i do not need it, people walk around with unknown dirts on their hands.
  4. Brush/Comb: The fact that your hair is in braids does not exempt you, you are a lady and your hair should look presentable at all times; and you might be called for a meeting with a superior or be sent out to represent your company, so it is a necessity.
  5. Hand Cream: Which can also be normal body lotion put in a small handy container, your hands and skin needs to stay moisturized asides drinking water; you do not want to walking round the place with white and dry skin.
  6. Sanitary Pad: You are not mother nature, it can come on a date not marked on your calendar, so just carry one to avoid being uncomfortable and embarrassed.
  7. Clothes/ Underwear: It might happen that you have to sleep over at a friends and you cannot show up at work the next day with the same clothes; so we would advice maybe have a t-shirt, dress and underwear in the office.
  8. Deodorant/ Perfume: Especially if you do not have your own car or even then most body sprays and deodorants have a 12hr time lapse; so it will always come in handy, and there is no such thing as you smell too good.
  9. Snack: On a more relaxed tone, if you are always on the move, you can pack up a snack, maybe a sandwich or buy some.
  10. Money/ ATM Cards: Being Stranded especially when you are not broke is the most annoying thing, so you might want to do a quick check in your bag or wallet for money and cards before stepping out.

Other things could be Scarf incase your jean gets a hole, charger and sunshades too.