We Have Been Using Makeup Wipes Wrongly. Here’s the Right Way

Here is how to use wipes the right way.


Whether it’s freshening up after a sweaty commute, fixing an errant smudge before happy hour or removing a face full of makeup after a long day, face wipes have saved us on many occasions. And when used correctly, they do a pretty good job. We know what you’re thinking–what is there to mess up? You wipe on and wipe off, right? Not quite.


What you’re doing wrong: Wiping down your forehead, nose and chin first.

How to do it better: The proper way to use the cloths is to start along the outside of your face (your hairline, neck and cheeks) and then work your way toward the center.

Why it matters: Your T-zone has the most oil glands on your face–and hence, more grime and acne-causing bacteria. By starting along the perimeter of your face, you’ll avoid spreading the bacteria everywhere else. Easy as that.