Want To Go Short? Copy Your Superstars


Definitely, there is something sexy and incredibly confident about a woman who chooses to wear short hair. Not only are your facial features enhanced, but there is also an element of edginess that always comes with short hair territory. Each celebrity has their own unique take on short hair and so should you.
BEAUTY BOX wants to inspire you  to opt for a look that is perfectly you in every way. Don’t waste another second doubting the loveliness of short ‘dos,  go on and get your sexy on with any of these beautiful short celebrity hairstyles!


Over the course of the last few years, Jennifer Hudson has made quite the transformation, both physically and in terms of her hairstyle. Once known for her long, flowing locks, the powerhouse songstress and Oscar winner recently chopped her tresses in favor of an edgy short cut that appears to have given her a new stylish and sexy look. Her pixie cut is slightly longer than the average length for this particular style, however the increased length allows her various styling opportunities, such as a faux hawk, tucked behind her ears, combed forward or topped with voluminous curls


If there is one celebrity whose name is synonymous with rocking short hair in the most fabulous way possible, it’s definitely actress Halle Berry. She has successfully worn her hair cut short into what is affectionately known as “the Halle” for decades, only updating it slightly for a continuously modern appearance. Here, her hair has a sort of edgy rocker vibe, thanks to the way it is spiked in the e front and on the sides. The process can be achieved through finger-combing.

It’s public knowledge at this point that pop star Rihanna is willing to try practically any hairstyle at least once. If you can think of a hairstyle, chances are she’s tried it and she has a special preference for short hair. She’s rocked long and short bobs, pixie cuts and edgier rocker cuts just to name a few. With this look, she opts for an extreme pixie that is very short in the bang area, the sides and the back. There is a slight curl added to give the look some definition.

Known for years as the sexy vixen next door in her various film and television roles, actress Meagan Good decided to look more grown up a few years ago and that meant ditching her long locks, in favor of a spunky short cut that garners just as much attention. She opts for an old-school asymmetric style that is modernized thanks to the cut, color and styling implemented. Her right side is shaved and cut low, while her left side falls along her upper cheek. The look is finished with voluminous curls places through the longest side.

Hollywood’s reigning “It Girl” Lupita Nyong’o, is redefining beauty with every red carpet and magazine cover she graces. If it’s not her fabulous sense of style that’s a topic of discussion, it’s her fierce short hairstyle. Opting to wear her natural hair in a low, short ‘fro, she keeps the look modern, edgy and chic by having a little fun with styling. Here, she is seen with two side parts with the top longer and formed into a slight Mohawk, proving that short hair does indeed offer various styling opportunitiesLegendary singer, Toni Braxton is just as famous for her singing voice as she is for her heavily copied short hairstyle. Sure, she has dabbled with long hair over the years, but her fans know and love her most when she is rocking her signature short style. Her recent foray back to the short side of the hair spectrum has her opting for a few longer extensions placed throughout the front to create deep side-parted swoop bang, while the rest is cut significantly shorter along the sides and the nape.