Uses Of Coconut Oil You Probably Don’t Know

Coconut oil has been front and centre in the wellness world for some time. Chances are, you have probably tried it in your beverage or grabbed some from your kitchen that time you ran out of moisturiser. After you read this you’re probably going to want to keep a jar in your bathroom. Here are amazing uses of coconut oil that you probably don’t know about.

Remove makeup:

Many makeup removers contain harsh chemicals that strip the skin of its natural oils. Coconut oil makes an effective and gentle makeup remover that will leave your skin fresh and glowing. It also works well to remove eye makeup. Simply put a penny-size amount on your fingers or cotton pad and rub your face in small circles. Rinse with water and use a mild face wash to clean the face. Pat dry and you’re set!

Condition hair:

Coconut oil is wonderful for the hair. It helps to nourish dryness and combats frizz by soothing hair cells. Coconut oil is packed with vitamin E, is deeply conditioning, and super restorative to annoying split ends. Use it in a hair mask to hydrate or even dab on the ends of long hair to prevent further breakage.

Smooth skin:

Coconut oil makes a soothing base for homemade body scrubs. In a small bowl mix up a few tablespoons of melted oil with sugar. Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil and you have a spa worthy scrub in minutes! Exfoliating the skin 2-3 times a week helps to strengthen the immune system and keep skin extra smooth.

Relieve sore throats:

Next time you get a sore throat, mix a little melted coconut oil and honey to ease the pain. Take this mixture several times a day to soothe the throat. Tip: I’d also recommend holding off on alcoholic beverages and sparkling water until you feel better.

Diminish bags under eyes:

We’ve all had bags under our eyes at one point or another. It’s never fun! Plenty of sleep and water are my top cures for tired eyes, while coconut oil is also very helpful. With your finger in the palm of your hand warm the oil and apply under eyes before bed to reduce puffiness and dark coloring.

Reduce dandruff:

Many women suffer from dandruff which is caused by a dry scalp. Coconut oil works as a deep moisturizer to naturally remedy a dry scalp. The antifungal properties and vitamin E help keep flakes at bay, while creating stronger hair with less protein loss in the process.

Clean makeup brushes:

It’s important to clean makeup brushes on a regular basis. Dip the bristles in a little bit of melted coconut oil. Use a paper towel to rub the brush until the makeup is off. Rinse in warm water and let air dry.