Unleash Your Inner Sparkle; The Hottest New Runway Trend

Spring/Summer 2017 saw a whole new dimension of beauty trends. Some which included grey lipstick, rainbow eye shadow, and pink eyeliner. What we want to focus on though, is something that is both ancient and modern in the world of beauty. Are you ready? Yeah, that’s right, Sparkly Under eye Shadow. Basically, it’s a smattering of glitter directly under the eye. This isn’t the first time we’re seeing this trend, it was big in 2014 when designers used it in their runway looks. As well as 2 years ago, when women started using it to cover dark circles under their eyes.

There are a dozen different ways to wear this look, but what’s hot on the runway is with very minimal makeup, nearly bare elsewhere on the rest of the face. This makes the glitter sparkle and shine even more, when it is not in competition to be noticed.

One of the best things about this look is that it can be done according to your personal taste. Whether your glitter is applied with a heavy or a light hand, it all depends on your style and the occasion.

Another great thing is that it is very easily applicable, all you have to do is get a brush, wet it a little bit, dip it into your glitter pot, and brush it on the underneath of your eyes.

Now that you know the trend of the season, what’s stopping you from going out and slaying?