Tyra Banks Limited Edition Collection “Baby Got Matte”

Tyra Banks recently disclosed on Instagram the latest collection of liquid lipsticks to be added to the Tyra Beauty cosmetics line called, “Baby Got Matte.”

One of Banks’ first posts on her Instagram account for the Baby Got Matte collection featured a stunning lip shade of deep plum. The caption read, “Mango butter? Coconut oil? YASSSSS Matt(e)! I couldn’t wear liquid lipstick without it drying out my lips UNTIL I created #BabyGotMatte. @Tyra Beauty’s New Matte Liquid Lipstick with long-lasting hydration and pigment that stays on all day! #micdrop.”

Available in three brilliant shades, the lip color promises to provide hydration, does not wear off easily, and has a lovely matte finish. It is available in a black box gift set with “Baby You Got Matte” embossed on the inside


The super-saturated lip color guarantees a serious punch. The small and sleek bottle has the color in a liquid form, which sets to a luscious matte after drying. Made with healthy ingredients like coconut oil and mango butter, the product moisturises and nourishes your lips. It has a kiss-proof formula for long wear and does not smudge. The collection of three colors is available for a limited time only. It is available for N14000 only.