Try the Newest Bubble Eyeliner trend

The perfect winged cat eye look is a sought-after skill that only comes with a steady hand and after plenty of practice.

But for those who aren’t blessed with the talents for the technique, a new beauty trend is on the rise featuring a bumpy eyeliner look dubbed ‘bubble eyeliner’, which looks like a cat eye performed with a shaky hand.

Instead of a smooth, straight line, the sweep across your upper eyelid has small ridges, or “bubbles,” that add an extra element of dimension to the lash line. For ladies with a shaky hand, it’s basically a dream come true.

First seen in an Instagram video by makeup artist and beauty blogger, Jenny Gonzalez, the look is actually a lot easier to achieve than it looks. In the video, Gonzalez first applies a thin sweep of black liner across her upper eyelid. Then she puts a small dab of liquid liner on the back of her hand, dips the open side of her eye pencil cap into the liquid, and applies it to her upper lid. This creates small, open circles which provide an outline for the “bubbles.” Gonzalez then takes a small brush, fills in the circles with liquid liner and adds one final flick to the outside of her eye. Since the bubbled style is uneven to begin with, there’s really no way to mess it up!