Top 5 beauty hacks of all time

Sometimes beauty is pain as a lot of people say, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. We have a few tricks that will make your beauty routine easier and more unique to you. Let’s have a look;

1. Dunk nails to dry

If you have no quick-dry products lying around, dip your painted nails in a bowl of ice-cold water to help them dry faster. It really works!

2.Coat cuticles, avoid a mess

Rub olive oil around your nails before you embark on a nail-art design. It makes removing excess polish way easier.”

3.Steam nails for a matte look

If you’re cooking , put on two quick coats of nail polish. While they’re still wet, hold your nails for three seconds over the steam coming from the simmering food, keeping them about 5 inches above the water. Then watch the magic happen: Your glossy painted nails turn matte-sexy.”

4.Chill out

If your eye and lip pencils are really soft, leave them in the fridge for about an hour before you sharpen them—the less creamy they are, the less waste there is.

5.Pop pimples the smart way

If you really must pop a pimple, follow with a swipe of witch hazel on a cotton pad to kill bacteria, then place ice on it for 10 minutes. The inflammation and redness will go down much faster.

Try these tips and let us know what you think.