Top 4 best kept beauty secrets

There are a few people who loo absolutely flawless all day, all week without a lot of makeup but a fresh glowy look on their skin and a huge smile all the time. Here are a few secrets to help with the daily struggle of looking good.

Never go out without foundation

First beauty secret is that you should never go out without foundation. After moisturizing, apply foundation all over your face and it helps to not only make your skin look great, but it is also believed that foundation protects your skin against environmental aggression and the sun. I suggest you try a matte foundation so you do not look oily in the face.

Natural cleanser

You don’t need expensive over the counter products or clinic treatments to get glowing skin like your favourite celebrity, you can follow a simple tip and dab some cider vinegar on your skin. It is proven that the acidity of the vinegar acts as a toner and balances the PH of the skin.

Exfoliate daily

You see a lot of grandmothers today looking fabulous today. What is their beauty secret? They say they exfoliate their skin daily, their face, their body and even their scalp. This helps to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal beautiful and glowing skin underneath.

Wear a waist trainer

This gives an instant figure to any woman who wants to be the centre of attention at any special event. You may be on a weight loss diet (which takes time and dedication) and your expected results are not fast enough. Wearing a waist trainer will smooth out folds and hold down any excesses that may still be lingering. There are a few products in Nigeria that range in price and this depends on quality. Be sure to purchase from an authentic dealer in Nigeria so you do not damage that beautiful body of yours.