The Man Weave-on or Not

It’s a thing now, you and your spouse will probably be visiting the same hair accessories stores, and it’s not just because he’s waiting for you to finish your shopping. The man weave-on is a growing phenomenon in the beauty industry, with more men following this beauty trend in an effort to look their aesthetic best.

The need for the man weave-on is majorly as a result of alopecia; which is just a fancy name for what we commonly know as baldness. There are various factors that contribute to alopecia; medication, accidents, genetics, an autoimmune deficiency, to mention a few.

What we find most fascinating about the man weave-on is that it comes in various hair textures and hairstyles so that your man can get the most realistic looking artificial hair and still look like he’s sporting a trendy hairdo. What do you say to this development, is it to be or not to be?