The Luxury Beauty Brunch event

On saturday 3rd 2016, the luxury beauty brunch world of fragrances part 2 was held at Mystique Perfumery. The beauty brunch was filled with a lot of activities and socializing. Check out the photo’s from the event.

Tayo Afolabi with Insignia boss and Olorisupergal boss

Tayo Afolabi doing an interview with Acadia TV  for the Beauty Reports

Ona Nwachukwu with Tope  Omai of Mystiquee Perfumery and Solange Boccovi

Images of perfumed oils and raw essences from Mystiquee Perfumery

Olamide of Acadia TV

Salma Philips (TV Personality) and Kiki Omeili (Nollywood Actress),

Tope Omai during her speech session on the World Of Fragrances

Olorisupergal boss

Fatima Obanikoro (Right), Salma Philips (Middle) and Dr. May of Lavyanna Skin Care

Tayo Afolabi with Nike from EMR Marketing

Guests sampling the Scents

Solange Bocovvi during a Speech session from Scents of Africa

Tayo Afolabi with Kiki Omeili and Tewa Onasanya Founding Editor in Chief of Exquisite Magazine and Founder of Eloy Awards

Tayo Afolabi and Ona Nwachukwu Editor in Chief of Complete Fashion and Beauty Box Magazine

Tayo Afolabi with Miss  Ajibola of Ayana services and Mercy Ajisafe

Tayo Afolabi, Ceo WorldPrMedia, Founder of the Beauty Reports and the Luxury Beauty Brunch

Tayo Afolabi and Kaylah

Vivienne Odofin  Daniels

Funke Babs-Kufeji.