The Lip Balm Magic

Okay so, yes Lip Balm is an essential as we have earlier said, also we did mention that cracked and dried lips are not sexy in the least; but surprisingly, assuming you don’t already know, it has other uses asides the lips of course.

  1. Clean Your Lenses: Just incase you can’t carry your liquid lens cleaner everywhere, you can rub your lip balm on the lens and clean with a dry cloth.
  2. Brows: If you have unruly or full brows and are not one to draw your brows on a regular; just apply the lip balm over the brows to keep it in place.
  3.  Feet: Tight shoes be avoided, but then again if you must to avoid redness on the heels of your feet, apply lip balm before wearing.
  4. Hair: It can be used to smoothen the edges and ends of your hair.
  5. Nails: It can’t be used to soften your cuticles also.

If you know any more uses, please tell us below.