The Dark Lipstick Rave

Every girl needs a dark lipstick in their makeup kit, same way they need a good foundation; granted the Goth look is a killer, but a little mistake and you may look like you walked straight off a horror movie set or a Halloween costume party. Also if you have thin lips, you might want to steer clear of dark lipstick, as it makes your lip smaller; below are some pointers for using dark lipstick:

  • Keep the rest of your makeup light and maybe use same colour of eyeshadow on your lids.
  • It is also important to test the lipstick against your skin before you buy and try under every light, don’t just buy based on a makeup tutorial.
  • Use a lip liner, to avoid going overboard and making it look like your lips are bleeding.
  • Apply with the tip of your finger rather than the brush or straight from the stick; and wait till dry do not smack.