The Bright Sides Of Dark Lips

The dark lip is all the rage at the moment, from black lips to berry dark lips to wine red lips; every one is rocking the newest trend of the season. Several celebrities have been seen rocking the dark lip from beyonce to Rihanna to Kim kardashian.

To try this out, here are a few steps to help you achieve the perfect dark lip

Step 1: Exfoliate: the dark lip look requires smooth and supple lips. You can use a lip exfoliator or a home made lip scrub. I recommend brown sugar, since its granules are not as sharp as white sugar, and some honey and olive. Exfoliate by rubbing the mixture in circular motions to slowly remove any dead skin.

Step 2: Cover up your true lip color with a concealer or cover up: Apply a layer of concealer to blank out your natural lip color. That way your lip shade wont conflict with the dark purple lip color thereby letting all the true pigment of the color pop!

Step 3: Line your lips. Lining your lips provides a barrier that will keep the dark lipstick from feathering or bleeding.

Step 4: Coloring in your lips with the same dark lip pencil from the previous step gives the purple lipstick you are about to apply something to hold on to. It also helps the color last longer on your lips

Step 5: Coat your lips in a deep wine colored hue: apply the lipstick over your entire mouth using a lip brush in order to get a precise and even application.

Step 6: Lacquer up your lips with a matching gloss: intensify your lip’s look with a gloss in the same shade as your lipstick and voila! You are ready to go.