Hey beautiful people, my note today is going to be quick, short and sharp. i did predict earlier on in the year that there would be a huge in-surge of international beauty brands.

Now, today and this week, my prediction has come to pass.

Within the last couple of months, a lot of beauty and cosmetics brands have launched in Nigeria, and Lagos especially and the consumers here are yearning to get their hands on these products in order to enhance their looks. The Nigerian brands are not left out too, they have produced and also launched new and more modern beauty products as well, so now we have a wide range of SELECTIONS to pick from.

The latest entrants in the beauty world are Emmaus Skincare and Elizabeth Arden full counter stores. I attended both events and all I could be shake my head and smile because my prediction has come true sooner than expected.

So brace yourselves beauty faves, the revolution is here…