Take Care Of Your Skin With These Easy Steps


Very few body lotions can act as face lotions. Most moisturizers which are made for the body do not hydrate as intensely as face lotions do. Next time you’re out shopping for lotions make sure you’re buying face lotion and not body lotion. In addition, invest in two types of lotion – one lotion for the daytime which hydrates your face and a second lotion which is a little “greasier” and leaves residue even after you’ve thoroughly massaged the lotion in your face. The second lotion is best used at night so you can wake up with soft and glowing skin.


Nothing will have as big an impact on your skin as what you put into your body. Your skin cells restore themselves using the materials found within your body. If you are eating anything less than fresh or natural your skin will become more acne prone, as well appear duller. In addition, drinking water will hydrate your skin cells and keep them looking younger.


Masks and peels should only be used a few times a month is because peels also can pull of healthy, fresh skin cells as well the dead ones, making your skin sensitive if you use it too much. In addition, masks can also make your skin irritated or sensitive if used too much – after all, you can’t have too much of a good thing.


Different than a bronzer, highlighters can be used in places that bronzers can’t, like on the brow bone and near the tear ducts. In addition, highlighters usually don’t add color or definition to your face the way bronzers would. A highlighter is great for giving a youthful glow and can also be worn without makeup.

Without having to spend a fortune or do anything drastic, it’s easy to get a youthful glow