Take Bright Eyeliner To Work

Blue seems to be the new black. It complements every eye color and especially makes brown or green eyes more vivid. Its an easy style upgrade that you can use in understated doses.

Sapphire Lashes; If you’re a blue first-timer, try a pencil in sapphire. It’s more vibrant than navy but still a baby step away from black.

Rub the tip of the liner on the back of your hand, and dip an angled eyeliner brush into it, rolling the head of the brush back and forth till the edge is coated with product and its bristles are compact and tight.

Sky-blue Underliner; Bright and bold, turquoise-lined lower rims broadcast a bright personality and unwavering confidence. To get this full-coverage, vibrant color on your waterline, use eyeliner that’s not waterproof.

Your first stroke of mascara deposits the most product—and volume. Before you coat your lower lashes, dab the mascara wand on a tissue to take off any extra product, and then use a light touch to stroke the wand downward.

Curved Cobalt Wings; Take the edginess up another notch with a liquid, cobalt liner. If free-handing isn’t your thing, first draw a double triangle with a pencil eyeliner. Create a dash mark from the corner of your eye going toward your temple, add a line on the top lid that connects to the dash, and finish by drawing a line from your lower lid to the outer tip of the dash.

Keep your lashes lifted  by generously layering on the curving mascara. Skip coating your lower lashes, where amplified fringe could overshadow the wings delicately rounded lower edge.