Suitable Nail-Polish Hues

Nail polishes come in a variety of colors, shade ranges and hues, and for a good reason. The nails are oft times unnoticed in any ensemble, and needs to be as captivating as any other feature of your getup.

Are you gridlocked on a particular nail polish? Aiming for  gorgeously different colors will not only provide you the confidence to rock slightly offbeat colors like lighter shades of green, but complement your darker skin tone.

You can be more selective with shades that are outside of the box, fashionable and professional.

Here are 5 of the trendy need-to-have hues for this season;

1. Metallic Majors: The darker your skin tone, the wider the variety of colors you can put on. For that bold look, try a fun metallic nail polish like Glamorous Life by Deborah Lippmann or Butter by London.


2. Orange Flavour: Orange is the go-to bright color to pull off this season. Though yellow undertones in some neon nail polishes can magnify the yellow in lighter skin tones, deeper skin tones have less obvious undertones, so, more freedom to play around with colors.


3. Go Nude: Nude nail polish can be a bit tricky when it comes to application, even with any ski tone. Going a few (a shade or two) shades lighter than your skin is your best bet to stay looking young and fresh. The Zoya nail polish can be your go-to.


4. Pastel Hue: Pastel polishes can look dull or gray, but when combined with a goldish topcoat you can achieve that life-like pop – if done right. Well, if you love the warmer tones, delve into the world of Dior for that muted expression.


5. Purple Reign: For those of you who are light skinned or ‘peachy’ in complexion, look out for blue-based hues like deep mauves or Purples. Essie’s Purple Nail Lacquer can provide you this elaborate hue.