Sleep Well Deserved

There are just days if not all the time, when you get home extremely tired and lay on your bed hoping to fall asleep but to no avail; then you often resort to movies or songs to help sleep and ending up staying awake the whole night. Well we have a couple of tips for you to try out; you can give us feedbacks as well…

  • Lavender Oil: The effect of lavender is amazing as is the ability to put you to sleep, you can put a few drops of the oil on your pillow and aid faster and better sleep, this suggestion was proven by a british study. So whether you want to smell it before bed or actually place it on your pillow, it works both ways.
  • A Glass of Milk: Studies have shown that milk helps you to sleep because it contains tryptophan, a soporific amino acid also found in turkey. So a glass of milk before bed sure aids faster sleep as well as prevents being woken up by hunger.
  • A Warm Bath: Notice how we were specific about the water temperature? Good! So while it may not work for everyone, it is basic knowledge that energy is induced when your body temperature is high and drowsy when low, so that is where the hot water comes into play.
  • Imagination: Imagination/mind is a very powerful too; so what you want to do is imagine a beach or generally a location that makes you feel at peace and see yourself slowly relaxing and eventually falling asleep. This tips are for when you are home, not in the office!