Skin Lightening for men or not

Skin lightening is a trend that has swept through the country usually under the guise of toning or restoring some lost ‘real skin tone’. Some of these creams produce visibly lighter skin while providing additional benefits like UV protection and moisture. Keep in mind that this article isn’t about helping you decide whether or not to lighten your skin, but to understand that not all fairness creams are the same. So to get the results you are looking for, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the best products on the market. Be sure do a little research for a complete overview of the top whitening creams available to you.

1. EMANI FAIR AND HANDSOMEThis cream helps control oil and sweat, reduces dark spots, protects from the sun, and lightens the skin. This is one of the best-selling male lightening creams in the world.

2. VASELINE MENFACE ACTIVE FAIRNESS MOISTURISERSmooth and quick to absorb, this cream gives men fairer skin without the annoyance of a sticky or oily cream.

3. GARNIER MEN POWERLIGHT SWEAT AND OIL CONTROL MOISTURISERThis cream prevents the production of melanin. It includes lemon extract (capable of removing dark dead cells) and perlite, leaving your skin both lighter and free of oils and sweat.

4. L’OREAL MEN EXPERT WHITE ACTIVt helps reduce dark spots, leaves skin visibly fairer in as little as four weeks of use, and provides SPF 20 sun protection.

5. NIVEA FOR MEN ADVANCED WHITENING OIL CONTROLKeeps acne under control while lightening the skin, it whitens damaged and dull skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots, all while reducing oiliness for up to 12 hours.