Skin Benefits Of Oranges

Oranges are a favourite fruit of many. Their appealing colour and texture and tangy taste is loved by kids and adults alike. In terms of nutrition, the first thought that oranges bring to our mind is the abundance of Vitamin C in them. Being a citrus fruit, oranges form a very important part of our diet as they contain a lot of beneficial nutrients for the body. You will be glad to know that oranges also have a lot of beauty benefits to offer. Apart from being a tasty fruit, oranges aid in enhancing the skin and hair of a person too. Listed here are some beauty benefits of oranges.

  1. They shrink open pores- Open pores not only look bad, but can also cause a lot of skin infections. One of the easiest ways to shrink them is by applying fresh orange juice on them for about 15 minutes, and then washing it off with cold water. Do this regularly to see proper results.
  2. They reduce acne- Since oranges are rich in citric acid, application of their juice on the skin helps to reduce oiliness. It also dries out acne and reduces acne scars and spots. This is the reason why oranges are an active ingredient in a lot of face washes, scrubs and other beauty products these days.
  3. They whiten the skin- Orange peels have natural whitening or bleaching agent, which helps to reduce the dark spots on the skin and even reduces tanning. Squeeze and rub fresh orange peels on your skin on a regular basis to see good results. You can wash off with cold water after massaging the peels on your face for about 15 minutes.
  4. They condition the hair- You can prepare a conditioner at home by mixing orange juice with water and honey. Apply it on your hair, massage it well and let it stay for some time before washing off with cold water. This leaves your hair silky smooth and shiny.
  5. They exfoliate skin well-After you have finished eating oranges, don’t throw away their peels. Instead, dry them under the sun and powder them later on to use as a natural scrub for your face and body. Some people mix it with oatmeal, sugar and honey for added benefits.
  6. They work as a toner Put orange peels in boiling water and let it stay for a day. Then strain out the water and store it in your fridge to use it as a toner regularly. It will bring instant cleanliness to your face, and regular use will improve your complexion and make your skin radiant.
  7. They refresh dull skin- The easiest way to refresh your dull skin is to apply frozen cubes of orange juice on your face. These cubes are easy to make at home and help in reducing skin irritations. Regular application of such cubes on your face will reduce acne considerably and will also improve your complexion. Oranges are not very difficult to find, so it is easy to include them in your daily skin and hair care regimen.

They are also inexpensive, which means that you can save a lot of money by not going in for treatments in salons and parlours. Make it a point to use oranges as mentioned above, and you will definitely be happy with the results.