Simple Makeup Tips For Every Woman

Makeup has been used to bring out a woman’s best features and enhance her femininity and natural beauty. Which means, makeup basically exists to make women look more beautiful.

Over time, the kind of makeup that has been offered to women have varied in colour, style, and quantity.

Today, cosmetics are much subtler. The whole idea when it comes to making-up nowadays is to look like you’re not wearing any.

Unless you’re on stage wearing costume face paint, it should look as natural and well-balanced as possible.

If you’re wearing dark eye makeup, go for a nude shade of lipstick and neutral-coloured blush on. If you choose a dark shade of lipstick, go easy on the eye makeup.

But some people just don’t get it. In all fairness, most don’t even realize that they’ve made themselves look like clowns. But there are some indications that you’re laying it on too thick.

The number one sure sign that you have way too much stuff on your face is when people don’t even recognize you without your makeup on.

This case applies to those who, as soon as they wake up and wash the sleep off their faces, put on their face paint even before they change out of their sleepwear. And this is even if they’re not going out for the day. Some even wear makeup to the gym!!!

Then the only time they remove all that stuff from their faces is right before they fall into bed at night. In other words, nobody sees them without makeup, maybe not even people who live with them. And please ladies. Stay away from the over theatrical eyeliners. They tend to always smudge and leave you looking like a baby panda. And remember, in the world of beauty enhancement, less is always more.