Protect Your Hair From the Summer Sun, Chlorine and Salt Water

After putting on sunscreen on your body, we feel ready and well protected to enjoy the outdoors. There’s one think we dont take care of or notice which is our hair. We have to protect our hair from the sun, but most of us skip this essential step. The hair can be damaged by the sun’s harmful rays.

It’s not only the sun that is harmful to the hair during summer. Chlorine, salt water and air conditioning are factored in, We tend to be in chlorine and salt water more during this time, so hair tends to be drier and hair color tends to oxidize faster than during the colder months. Here are some steps you should take to keep hair protected while you enjoy the holiday season.

By Clement Uanseru.

Wear a Hat

Floppy hats and baseball caps will help protect hair. Covering your hair with a hat is alright, but additional protection is needed. This is where hair products come in.

Apply a Protective Hair Product


Before stepping outside, it’s important to coat hair with a protective product. It’s especially important for those with color treated hair so they can keep their blondes bright and their rainbow dye jobs on point. Instead of applying a traditional sunscreen, look for hair products that offer UV protection in spray or even cream formulas, they functions as a great heat styling product. Also it contains lipids that mimic hair’s natural protective insulation.

Choose the Right Shampoos and Conditioners

The right shampoos and conditioners is essential for color treated hair to preserve the finish. And the right products can also help with oxidation and UV damage from the sun. Before buying new products, inspect the labels for details about their UV protection and oxidization.

Rock a Swim Cap

Hair experts suggest wearing a bathing cap. Before applying the cap, thoroughly saturate dry hair with conditioner.

Always Wet Hair Before and After Swimming


Don’t enter into the pool without wetting hair first. It’s essential to hop in the shower before and after swim. A pre swim shower will help prevent locks from absorbing the chlorine, while a post swim one will help remove chlorine buildup.

Try a Hair Maskhair-mask

Regularly using hair masks and treatments to help strands stay nourished throughout the season. It replenishes moisture in hair while enhancing shine. Try applying hair masks at the same time as sheet masks to get into the habit of doing it.