Don’t we all love a man with a properly groomed chin forest? There’s definitely a thing about a man who walks into a room of men and gets stared at because he’s sporting a beard so full and well groomed that the other men start to feel like boys. Today, the beard itself is seen as what separates men from boys, girls, and women. In today’s society that has downplayed good old-fashioned masculinity, growing a beard shows that you’re not afraid of being a man.

The bearded lifestyle is not for everyone. Whether or not you should grow a beard relies a great deal on your genetics. If your genes permit, it’s something every man should undertake at least once in his lifetime.

Here are a few common types of beards


1. CHOOSE A STYLE: Beards come in varying styles. Your choice will strongly depend on your jaw profile and genes. You can choose one that is high maintenance, low maintenance or no maintenance. If you can’t produce the full beard, choose a style that makes the best use of your beard growth pattern, be it goatee, the chin strip etc.


2. YOU MUST HAVE A BEARD SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: Washing your beard with a proper beard shampoo will clear dead skin cells that get trapped in the bristles of your developing beard. A cleansing conditioner will protect the skin underneath with an anti-itch PH formula.

3. BRUSH THE BEARD REGULARLY: A good beard brush will train your beard in the right direction. Once you’re done trimming, simply brush the beard down. brushing helps exfoliate the skin and prevent ingrow hair.

4. KNOW WHEN TO TRIM: as your beard grows into a real beard, you will need to know when to trim up.  It might be tough these days to find a barber who knows his stuff when it comes to beard trimming. .If that’s the case, buy a beard trimmer and learn how to use it. Not all hair grow at the same length or same direction. It is important to trim, starting from the ear down to your neck in order to keep a nice level and even beard length throughout.