Updating your wardrobe is the easy part. Boots, knits, denim, done. But thanks to eleven innovative shades, updating your go-to makeup look for fall can be just as appealing. This season, think beyond brick and beige.

What’s cool about this deep Concord grape hue is that it’s actually sheer, so it’s not as scary as it looks. The formula also makes use of the same technology in the brand’s best skin moisturizers, so lips are left supple, not craggy

So this creamy coffee isn’t technically a lipstick since its gentle enough to be smudged on lids and cheeks alike. The cool brown has a touch of pink which keeps it from looking murky.

We’re not entirely sure why anyone everyone hasn’t thought of this already. One end: A lighter lip liner. The other? A deeper lipstick. They match. They’re coordinated. Wear alone or wear together. 

If you’re going to jump on the train of ’90s brown lip revival, this matte faded terracotta is as your best bet. It’s impossibly infused with argan and castor oil, so while it looks completely shine-free, it feels downright glossy

This tawny nude with a trace of pink makes lips appear extravagantly full, but with an unexpected matte finish.