Natural Hair Remedies For Hair Loss

It’s normal to shed 50-100 hairs from your hair each day but sometimes this number can increase due to stress on the body,really tight hairstyles,hormones and even genetics. Here are 4 tips to regaining back your hair.

1 – Onion : Rub your head for 10 min with the surface of a freshly cut onion .It contains plenty of sulfur which aids in the formation of collagen,a substance that makes hair fuller and stronger. Follow up by washing.

2 – Wash Once In Two Weeks : Don’t wash your hair too often unless you are sweating excessively. Even then, a dry shampoo may be sufficient.

3 – Hot And Cold Water : Contrast hot and cold water while shampooing .End with cold water and towel the hair dry.

4 – Dry With A T-shirt : Drying the hair with an old t-shirt helps reduce breakage which allows your hair grow back.