Nail Tips: How To Get A Quick Manicure Done At Work

If you can’t wait until after you get home from work, to do your manicure, they are easier ways to do it during work breaks.

We all know that when you get home, there may have enough time to for your nails dry. They may seem dry, but you wake up in the morning with sheet creases pressed into your red nails.

Use Remover Wipes- One of the biggest issues is the smell of remover.

There’s a way around this: nail polishing–removing wipes. Choose individually packaged, acetone-free wipes, or a set of sweet-smelling remover pads.

Use A Metal Nail File Do not clip your nails at your desk.

Ever! I repeat: Don’t do it. Just gross. Also the sound of a nail file board can be disturbing to your colleagues, but there’s a trick: Use a metal nail file.

Metal nail files don’t create the sound that you get with emery boards.

Polish Finally, polish with a five-free colour. Five-free polishes give off a less offensive scent than most regular types.

Just skip a topcoat, which you can do later once you’ve left your desk. (As long as the layers of nail lacquer are dry, your post-work topcoat application won’t leave you with a sheet-creased manicure the next day.