Nail Sins To Avoid

Fingernails almost never fail to play a role in the first impression you make on others. Unhealthy nails can speak volumes before you even open your mouth. Fortunately, taking care of your nails isn’t terribly difficult. All it takes is a bit of know-how and a little self-love. Avoid the following nail sins for healthy, beautiful nails with every manicure.

Improper Filing:

Sawing back and forth with a nail file weakens the edge of the nail and can worsen nail peeling. Instead, file in one direction only. It takes more time, but your nails will be stronger for it. While you’re at it, toss those metal nail files and opt for a flexible, fine-grit emery board or a glass file.

Removing cuticles:

We have cuticles to protect the base of the nail from unfriendly bacteria. Removing them puts new nail growth at risk for infection. To groom your cuticles without removing them, use an orange stick to neaten them, and keep them well moisturized.

Using cleaning products without gloves.

Most cleaning products contain aggressive disinfecting chemicals like alcohol and bleach. While these may be much needed for your toilet bowl, don’t let them near your hands! These chemicals will dry out your nails and eat away at your polish. Get into the habit of wearing gloves, even when using gentler cleaning substances like dish soap.

Picking at nail polish:

Like peeling off a gel manicure, attacking regular polish is more damaging to nails than simply removing the polish with nail polish remover. When you pick at your nail polish, not only does it look unsightly, you can also tear off parts of the nail in the process leaving you with an uneven, damaged surface.

Neglecting to wear a base coat with dark polish:

We’ve probably all experienced the frustration of pink stained nails after removing a dark red polish. This stain is hard to completely get rid of in one go. Rather, it takes several days to really fade away—such a drag! When wearing dark colors, always wear a base coat to minimize staining.