Nail It

There are just a lot of things you can do with your nails to make them stunning. But do you know as well that there are things you should not do? Here are few tips and tricks to get the best out of your nails.

Dab, dab, dab

Glitter polish is perfect for those times you want to cover up a not-so-perfectly painted nail or just add some sparkle to your nails. If you’re a lucky fan of glitter, you might have come across some glitter polishes that spread evenly like a dream, whereas others come out in globs.One of the easy nail polish tricks to fix this is to dab on the polish rather than brushing it on.

Vinegar is your friend:

Yes,vinegar might not have the most pleasant fragrance, but if it can help your nail polish last longer, why not?Vinegar helps clean your nail beds and assist polish with staying put and helping avoid unsightly chips. The trick is to apply some distilled white vinegar with a cotton pad to your nails before painting them to help polish “stick” to the nail better.

Toothpaste removes stains

Don’t you just hate it when you remove your nail polish, only to find that your nails are still stained?One of the easiest nail polish tricks to do when you run into this problem is to grab some whitening toothpaste and spread it along your nails.Next, get an old tooth brush you don’t use or a nail brush, scrub and wash off.

Avoid sunlight and wind

The next time you give yourself a manicure at home, remember to avoid painting your nails in direct sunlight or next to a fan. Doing either is just setting yourself up for trouble because the sun and wind can disrupt the drying process and cause air bubbles, which will overshadow all of your hard work.

Be patient

Waiting for your nails to dry can be one of the hardest things to do. I mean, you’re literally waiting for paint to dry. Contrary to popular belief, blowing on them to encourage faster drying actually prevents your polish from drying properly due to the moisture in your breath. If you’re in a hurry, try the cool setting on your blow dryer for a few seconds.

Say no to quick-dry polish

This last tip might be a bit shocking, but quick-dry polish isn’t always a good idea. Quick dry formulas tend to be drying, so using them on the regular can dry out your nails. Sure, they’re okay on occasion, but don’t get in the habit of using only quick-dry if you want to have healthy, hydrated nails.