Mismatched Jewelry: the Newest Trend on Red Carpet

Jewelry is worn for myriads of reasons and most times, our choice of jewelry reflects our moodTypically, women feel more comfortable when their outfits match, and same applies to jewelry.

But all that is set to become old fashioned with the latest trend of mismatched jewelry. Mixing costume jewelry is all about experimenting. By thinking playful, you give yourself freedom to contrast textures, designs, styles and colours. The result is always fresh, while giving an artistic change to your appearance.

How to do it.

  1. When mixing jewelry for layered effect, remember, opposites do attract. Bold goes with subtle; small goes with large; stiff with fluid; old with new; bright and dull. The beauty of the opposites is that each shows the uniqueness of the other.


  1. Try not to match the jewelries, mix them up. Mix silver and gold, copper and pewter, gunmetal and bronze. This gives a balance effect. If one metal dominates visually, make sure that it is in harmony with your outfit.


  1. Embrace randomness in your style. Earthy wooden beads, clay, glass, leather, ribbon and flowers create a magical mixture of elements. Just put on what you feel like and embrace the random.


  1. If you have a necklace but no matching earrings, you can choose a pair in complementary metals. It doesn’t have to look like a set; it’s all about creating a harmonious bridge.