Masking Me

Masking has become so popular multiple trends have emerged, including the sheet mask selfie, the art of multi-masking and Instagrammable treatments. And who can forget the 24k gold face mask the Victoria’s Secret angels used before they hit they catwalk last November?

You can even adopt the Korean approach and go for multi-masking, which involves using different forms of face masks on different parts of the skin, at the same time. For example a hydrating mask for your cheeks, a soothing one for under the eyes and a clay mask for your T-zone.

According to Google, the popularity of masking is mainly because of how prominent it is in Japan. And actually in Japan face masks are like SOOOO 2016, because now the Japanese are interested in using masks for legs, cuticles, hands, and heels. The growth of body-related masks in Japan is a sign that we’ll soon be searching for similar in the very near future.