How To Take Off Gel Nails – Safe And Easy Tips To Get Them Off

The look first originated in South Korea and was created by a salon owner – Eunkyung Park (owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul). It features a glassy surface that can easily be achieved with some strips of cellophane, carefully placed over already painted nails.

But when it comes to loving D-I-Y, there’s always a way to achieve this fab nail look at home. Here are the simple tools you need;

  • – Nail polish of your choice
  • – A topcoat
  • – Colourful cellophane
  • – Scissors (to cut little pieces of the cellophane)
  • – Tweezers to place the cellophane pieces on your nails
  • – Nail adhesive (to help the cellophane pieces stick on for longer)