Kylie cosmetics VS Huda beauty

So we have been hearing a lot about these beauty products on the news vine and our in-house beauty experts have decided to review the case and find out which of these makeup products you should spend your purse chips on.


Kylie Jenner’s lips have become something of an urban legend. How did she get them so full? How did she get them so matte and perfect? Where did she find those colours? It’s no surprise to the world [or at least, its teenage population] lost its mind when she released her lip kits.

When kylie started teasing her matte lipstick collection, we couldn’t wait to snag a lip kit and we were lucky enough to get the candy k shade before it sold out, along with its matching lip liner.

The second we took it out of its package,  the sweet, strong smell hit us. if you like icing, you’ll probably like it. We applied the lip liner first, filling the lips. The dark nude shade has an edgy ’90s vibe that we liked a lot. On top came the lipstick, which dried the matte right away. If you’re used to wearing matte lipstick, you know that it feels dry. That’s just the reality formula. We do not mind because kylie’s formula wasn’t any drier than the others. If anything, it’s on the more moisturizing side of things, which is pretty nice.

To do a real test, you have to wear it all day long, and we did! Food and water will not get in the way. It stays dry. In the afternoon, we hit it with a little lip balm to refresh it, which made it feel less dry. Quick tip; Do that with the matte lipsticks instead of reapplying.

Overall, we give kylie’s lip kit a B+ it’s really good and worth the price.

When compared to another brand, would I buy another color? Absolutely.