Korra Obidi The Triple Threat

Korra Obidi isn’t your average pretty face. The banker turned musician, dancer, and fitness expert/yoga is the jack (or should we say Jill) of all trades and queen of all. A very unconventional and free spirit, Korra isn’t afraid to push physical and mental boundaries.  We were happy to catch up with Korra and learn some of her beauty secrets

1. What is your beauty regimen?Sleep right, drink a lot of water, fruits when I can, biotin supplements, a balanced diet and exercise.

2. What beauty product will you always be caught with?

Coconut oil.

3. What is your go-to hairstyle?

A natural hair twist out or braid out

4. What is your favorite beauty brand?

I don’t have one. I usually experiment daily. Still on my journey to find one.

5. Which hairstyle will you never get caught wearing?

I flow like the wind. I can never really say I won’t do any because one day I just mind. I try not to be too rigid and set in my ways. Life is too short. People think I would never use a weave because I have been natural for years but the truth is, as a protective style someday, I just might. You never know.

6. What is your favorite perfume brand?

Ellie Saab. Fell in love with it during my time in the middle east

7. What is your go-to nail polish?

I barely wear nail polish o. Sorry. Do those things have brand names? *Covers face*

8. Lipstick or mascara?


9. Brows or Lashes?

Brows all day

10. Dramatic makeup or Natural?

Natural with popping lashes.

11. If you were to be a perfume, what would you call it?