Important Things To Know About Painkillers

Painkillers are drugs used to treat pain and they come in different ones to treat different types of pain. A lot of people see painkillers as a daily part of their lives and the use of painkillers have been abused overtime and this remains a source of concern. When not prescribed or when not absolutely necessary, painkillers should be ditched and here are reasons to:

They are addictive: Painkillers can become a habit! A lot of people have battled with addiction to painkillers with some already taken so much that it almost doesn’t work for them anymore (these people go ahead to take over dose which comes with a lot of health risk).

Some over-the-counter painkillers don’t work: Some over-the-counter painkillers actually don’t work especially for more serious pains – not even increasing the dose helps- it’s best to get prescription from a health practitioner and not abuse it.

Could be a deadly mix: Most painkillers do not go well with alcohol or even red wines. A mixture of painkillers and any form of alcohol can result in nervous disorder, heavy breathing and other signs that can be fatal. So just stick to using water.

Stick to the recommended dose: As with all other drugs, painkillers should not be abused. Stick to doctor’s prescribed dose and don’t go overboard or take an over dose as this can be deadly.

Infertility: Yes, popping painkillers all the time is capable of causing infertility in women. Study has shown that abuse of painkillers by women is capable of stopping ovulation. Excessive use of analgesics could also lead to miscarriage.

Kidney diseases: Kidney damage/nephrotoxicity has been linked to abuse of analgesic. Kidney failure can occur after years of chronic abuse.

Always consult your doctor or pharmacist for proper advice on your choice of analgesic. Avoid transfer of drugs to a friend or family members, because what is good for you might not be good for them.