How To Use Eyeliner To Get Your Faux Freckles

Freckles went from being every girls worst nightmare to a beauty trend practically overnight. Here are a few tips to achieve this cute look in a healthier way than exposing your skin to the sun.

Apply Your Makeup as You Usually Do

The freckles will be one of the last things you’ll apply. You can apply your concealer, foundation and powder as you normally do. If you wear blush, you can apply it before or after the freckles, depending on how prominent you would want them to be. If you want them to stand out, apply your blush before the freckles. If you want them to be more natural looking, apply the blush after applying the freckles. Ensure you don’t smudge them.

Collect Your Materials
You’ll need materials like light brown cream eyeliner that is a few shades darker than your natural skin tone, a  beauty blender, and some cotton wool.
Note: Do not use liquid eyeliner; it smudges easily and looks less natural.
Place Dots of Eyeliner On Your Nose and Cheeks.
You can use the tip of the eyeliner itself as long as its a very fine point. Make more dots for a more dramatic look, or less for a subtle look. You can place them on your shoulders, and neck as well if you want to.
Use the Beauty Blender to Make the Freckles Subtle
You do not want to rub or smear the freckles, but rather press on them gently, which will help them to look more natural.
Take your finger and press on them a bit, but not too much or else they will disappear. Remember that natural freckles vary in size, shape, and shade, so press on some a bit more firmly than others in order to vary their appearance. But do it randomly or it will look unnatural.