How To Take Care Of Your Braids

Braids are a healthy, convenient and stylish hair-style option. Braids help in growing out one’s hair with very little external stress from the weather. It’s important to look after the extensions and most importantly, the hair as both have a huge impact on how your hairstyle looks overall. Here are some ways you can keep your braids looking nice and fresh.

Keep your scalp moisturized: When hair is in braids, it often loses its moisture, making it easier to fall out. Moisturize and seal every day or every other day just a touch of oil on your scalp will help keep your scalp moisturized. Treat your scalp to an invigorating fingertip massage using a scalp oil.

Protect your hair at night: Silk or satin scarf wrapped around your head at night keeps your braids neat (avoid using cotton as it draws out your braids’ natural oils) this is important because it determines how long your braids will stay.

Wash your braids: You don’t need to hop in the shower and douse your braids in water if you don’t want to. You can always dry-wash your hair with a cloth, shampoo, and some water. Dampen a wash cloth with warm water and your shampoo of choice. Part you hair and wipe your scalp down in sections.

Avoid constant up-dos: Constantly styling your hair into high ponytails pulls at your hairline. This constant pulling weakens the hair along your hairline. Be gentle with your hairline. Rock your up-dos  but try to limit up-do styling to 3 or 4 times a week rather than every day.

Edges: Show your edges some love and use a hair friendly edge control or gel to hold down your edges. By night, rub in castor oil as your edges are most sensitive to breakage.