How To Stop Skin Breakout Caused By Hair

Your hair, or rather the products in it, may be what’s causing your skin to breakout. And not just on your face either—but your neck, chest, and even your back

To ensure that we’re keeping the peace between our texture-perfecting hair products and precious complexions, here’s what you need to do:

Always Wash Your Neck, Chest, and Back Extra Carefully

At the very least, after rinsing out hair conditioner in the shower, put the hair up in a clip and use a shower gel to wash the back to cut any oil residue that rinsing alone cannot accomplish. This will ensure that hair conditioners won’t cause any unnecessary trouble.

Wash Your Face *After* a Shower

As for preventing breakouts around the hairline, be sure to wash the face after the hair conditioner has been rinsed out to remove the residue.

Paying Attention to the Ingredient List of Your Products

A rule of thumb for leave-in products: Look for a short ingredient list. Chances are these will be less likely to cause a reaction. Generally speaking, products with a high alcohol content will be most irritating, so often times you’ll find hairsprays, gels, or salt sprays are the culprit.

You Need to Stop Touching Your Hair

Mission impossible, I know, but if you’re touching your hair a lot, the product you used on the hair is inevitably transferring to your face and more likely to cause a reaction. So no touchy!