How To Get Rid Of Embarrassing Tan Lines

Tan lines can happen to anyone, and can be very annoying. It happens when skin is over-exposed to the sun, which leads to tanning and tan lines over face and other body parts. Below are common tricks that can surely help you to get rid of tan lines from your face, arms and feet very easily and fast.

Cucumbers: These have cooling powers that help to soothe tan lines from skin. Vitamin C and moisture in cucumbers is an excellent combination for eliminating tanned skin. Cut thick round cucumber pieces or make a paste and keep it on skin for 15 minutes.

Milk cream: This also has beneficial properties for removing tan lines, sunburns and making skin glowing. Mix milk cream and turmeric together and keep it on skin for 20 minutes. This will repair your tanned skin and return it to normal.

Deep exfoliation: Exfoliate your skin once a week. Exfoliation, contrary to what you might think helps improve the condition of your skin and remove tan lines. By removing dead skin cells, your skin will regain brightness and your face will look better. Exfoliate facial skin, hands and legs with appropriate scrubbing products or home remedies. Along with the scrub, you can also use any brush which are developed to aid in the exfoliation process.

Baking soda: This is one of the most effective remedy to erase tan from skin. Mix water to baking soda and keep it on tanned skin for 15 minutes daily. This will help you to return your normal skin tone.

Aloe vera gel: This contains certain enzymes and anti-oxidants that can be used to get rid of sun burns and tans lines fast. Remove the gel from the leaf and with clean hands apply it to your affected skin. Keep it for 15 minutes and then wash it with cold water. This gel provides a cooling sensation to skin and anti-oxidants present in it speeds up the repairing process of damaged cells.