How To Deal With Thinning Hairline

Whether it is from aging, menopause, health and hereditary factors, or thinned edges from wrong handling of the hair, hair loss is never a very pleasant sight. Most ladies have their thinned hair tucked away in weaves and braids and anytime they have to go out with their hair in its natural state, it becomes a battle.

Some people just tag it as “bad hair day” and wrap the hair in scarves, hats, caps and all those head gear.

Here are the best ways to tackle it and stay beautiful and super!

  1. Cut the hair short. When the hair is thinned out, the variation in the length of the hair makes the thinning more obvious. By cutting it low, it tends to look healthier and gives the appearance of more volume.
  2. Experiment and find out ways to part your hair and other hair styling patterns that can flatter your other hair graces and draw less attention to the thinning area.
  3. Add colour- Colour swells the hair’s cuticle and gives the appearance of more volume. Use a colour that is about a shade or two lighter, as darker shades make thinning more obvious.
  4. Use hair care products that add volume to your hair, such as: Volumizing boosters and mousses, thickening shampoos and conditioners.
  5. Colour your scalp- In those thinning areas, you can spray the scalp with colours matching with the hair colour. This trick is highly effective. Be careful to select the right colour and products.
  6. There is something else I found out that works like magic! Keratin Protein Fibres. They contain special protein fibres and are in powdery form, they give thinning hair a fuller look.
  7. You can also take a break from all the chemicals and allow your hair to recover naturally. While you allow your hair recover, you can accessorize and still look amazing! You can accessorize with scarves, beanie hats, head bands, and the likes.