How To Deal With Bad Hair Breakage

6 Steps to Repair Breakage

Has your hair has gotten so bad that every time you touch it you are finding broken off short strands or mid-shaft splits? Then know the situation is serious. Not to fear, Beauty Box is here to help you turn the situation around. However, when it’s really bad it’s important that you take steps right away to get your hair back on track. Here is what you should do:

#1 Give your hair a protein treatment

Odds are if you are experiencing bad breakage, your hair can use a protein boost. Purchase a good protein treatment that will help strengthen your strand and help fill in weak points in your hair strands. You can repeat this process in 6 to 8 weeks.

#2 Deep condition


While protein treatments will add some resiliency to your hair, it is possible that you can get some dryness afterward which is something you definitely don’t want. Make sure you follow up with a deep conditioning session using a hooded dryer or an option like the microwaveable deep conditioning cap so the conditioner can effectively penetrate your hair strands.

#3 Use a Good Leave In Conditioner

All too often we underestimate the importance of this step. A good leave in will add more moisture to your hair, eliminate frizz and if you decide to stretch your hair using a blow dryer some even double as a heat protectant.

#4 It’s probably trim time

scissorsWhen you see a lot of breakage, it is highly possible that those were split ends that were breaking off before you had the chance to remove them. Trims are pretty easy to do on your own, but if you don’t trust yourself you can go to a professional.


#5 Wear a low manipulation style that will eliminate knots and tangles

example: Style Feature: CoolCalmCurly


Stretched styles are perfect in this situation because they will drastically reduce the knots and tangles that you experience. When you have a bad breakage situation they also have the added bonus of aiding you in retaining moisture in your hair for a longer period of time. Check out our Stretched Styling Series for some inspiration.