How To Avoid ‘Avoidable’ Make-Up Flaws

It is the joy and fulfillment of almost every lady to look good, fresh and youthful especially when it comes to applying makeup.

However, we also know that makeup makes us look more confident, beautiful and adds a glow to our face, when not properly applied; makeup can make us look old.

Check out these anti aging makeup tips you should avoid when applying a makeup so you look fresh and beautiful.

  • Use the right color of foundation:Always have in mind that you should not skip using the foundation. It’s just like building a house, you start from the foundation, this also applies when it comes to your face, apply the right color of foundation to achieve a well finished look. Using a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone would make your face look baked and not natural and applying a darker foundation would just make the face dull and we don’t want that happening.
  • Lining only the bottom of your eyes:  This is another mistake many women make by lining only the bottom of your eyes all in the name of fashion. When you do this, it just makes your eye look smaller and drag down all the features you are to show case. Many of us have beautiful eyes, and when you don’t line both the upper and lower eyelid, it makes us look old. Avoid lining only the bottom of the eyes and you’ll look young and fabulous.
  • Applying wrong shade of blush: Blush is added to add beauty to the face especially when we smile or blush but many of us don’t achieve this because we apply the wrong shade of blush which tends to make us look old and we definitely don’t want that happening to us. Choose the right color of blush to remain beautiful as always.