How To Achieve the Ultimate “No Makeup” Look

As spring comes into full bloom, the “no makeup” look, which ruled the runways this season, has proven to be the ultimate spring accessory. It’s all about natural beauty and really about enhancing everything in a very subtle way. Think a pop of metallic silver shadow in the inner corner eye or perfectly dewy, luminous skin is what we aim for.

First step: skin. The skin should be clean to start, and then it’s best to really take the time to take care of it properly. It’s advisable to use a lightweight serum first and then massaging your moisturiser on top of that. Don’t forget eye cream and lip balm. Good makeup starts with good skin and it’s all in the skin prep, because if the skin looks good, everything else will look good.

Second step: the makeup. For this type of makeup, we always want the skin to look like skin. It should be radiant and healthy looking, so opt for creamy textures and avoid using lots of powder products. While you may think that too many creams products will result into a runny complexion, we say too much powder can ruin a natural makeup look, so keep the skin dewy and it will still look like skin. Also, having a lighter hand with your products is best to avoid overdoing it.

Most importantly though, the best part about the “no makeup” look is that it doesn’t require a ton of maintenance and can effortlessly be transformed into an evening look by simply adding a lipstick. And for more of an elevated touch as we move into the warmer months, it’s nice to add a little extra warmth to the skin by dusting a bit of bronzer on. A fresh, soft color on the lips is also nice when it’s warmer.