How High or How Low? How to Perfectly Arch Your Eyebrows

Okay so we all know that possibly the most difficult part of any make up application process is the drawing of  the eyebrows. Either one eyebrow is perfect and the other is too curved, or  both are too arched, or too high, or too low, or just too something. We aren’t here to discriminate, trust us, we’ve all been there. What we are here for though, is to teach you the best way to draw on your eyebrows.

Now there’s a dozen types of eyebrow shapes, ranging from curved to arched, to bold, to untamed. But what we’re focusing on are sparse, undefined brows.

The first step is choosing an eyebrow pencil or brow applicator that suits your skin tone. You should always use a colour that is close to your hair colour.

Next step is to fill in your brow from the forward bottom part. Fill in the hairs with relatively light and fluffy strokes that go in the same direction of your hair growth. Be careful not to use a heavy hand. The second you press too hard on your brows, say goodbye to the natural look you’re (probably) going for.

The third step is to comb down the hairs with the spoolie (the brush with a tip that looks like a mascara wand) to easily fill in the top areas with the brow applicator.

The fourth step is to fill in the hairs at the top part of the brow with light strokes that go in the same direction as the growth of your hair.

The fifth step to getting your perfectly arched brows is to cover all your mistakes with a cream coloured concealer. You’d want to use a defined or slanted brush for this step.  Be sure to select a concealer that is a bit lighter than your skin tone. This will give you a natural and glowing look, as the bottom of your eyebrow is usually a bit lighter than the rest of your face.

Apply the rest of your makeup according to your taste and go out and slayyy.