Home made remedies to grow nails

Everyone wants their nails to grow fast and strong. They add beauty to your hands. Plus, healthy nail growth reflects the state of your overall health.

Nails are made of the same protein, called keratin, as that of hair. Fingernails grow faster than toenails, although growth is still very slow. On average, fingernails grow about one-tenth of an inch each month. But sometimes they grow even slower.

Slow or poor nail growth can also be accompanied by brittle nails, breakage, splitting and other nail problems.

Remedy 1

Before going to bed,apply warm olive oil to your nails and cuticles.

Massage gently for 5 minutes

Wear cotton gloves overnight

Do this once daily


Remedy 2

Mix 1/4 cup of coconut oil,1/4 cup of honey & 4 drops of rosemary essential oil.

Warm the solution in a microwave for 20 seconds.

Soak nails in it for 15 minutes

Follow this remedy 1 or 2 times weekly.



Method 3

Mix 1 tbsp of lemon juice & 3 tbsp olive oil.

Slightly heat the solution in a microwave

Soak nails for 10 minutes

Follow this remedy daily