Heart shaped ear piercings

With so many cool piercing styles popping up, we’re all about finding new ways to wear jewelry. New York has a new one for us: “heartilage.” It’s a clever portmanteau PopSugar came up with to describe a heart-shaped cartilage piercing, and they’re currently popping up all over Instagram.

This is done by taking a typical cartilage hoop piercing, removing the bead, and bending it into a little heart. The cartilage is pierced with two holes, like with an industrial piercing, so the metal loop goes through both. The two holes have to be perfectly lined up to make it work, so it takes some serious skill.

Although getting a piercing is a pretty long-term commitment, this look has some flexibility to it: If you get tired of the heart, you can just swap it out for a bar or a couple of studs.

The end result is dainty, but it makes a big statement.