Halt that nail disaster

You may be obsessed with your nails and manicure; but the fact is, they get affected every day due to our daily habits. Do you know of the certain things that are ruining your nails? There are many habits we know that are actually wrong, but we never knew that these habits are essentially ruining our nails.

Here’s how you should take care of your nails Whether you pay a good amount of money on your manicure or take care of your nails every day; your nails may be ruined or affected due to several habits of yours. Listed below are a few everyday things that can actually ruin your nails. Take a look and make sure you avoid them at any cost.

1. Not Enough Hydration: Just like your skin, your nails also require a lot of hydration, so that they are not left dehydrated and parched. You should moisturize your nails with a carrier oil on a daily basis so that they are hydrated and moist all the time. Hydrated nails are always healthy, while dry nails often lead to certain issues. Dehydrated nails often lead to the discolouration of nails.

2. Bare Hands: Doing home chores with bare hands may often affect your nails to a larger extent. You should prefer wearing gloves while cleaning and especially while washing clothes or utensils. The concern is the chemicals present in the washing detergents and soaps that may affect your nails. So don’t forget to wear gloves before doing any of the household chores.

3. Leaving Nail Polish For Too Long: Leaving nail polish for too long may often lead you to develop dry and chipped nails. The disadvantage of applying nail paint and keeping it for too long is that it dries out the top most layer of the nail, thus leaving it dehydrated.

4. Wrong Nail Polish: Nail polish application is an important task but what matters more is the brand and quality of the nail paint that you are using. You should always buy nail paints from a good brand so that it does not damage your skin. Some of the cheap nail paints contain a high amount of formaldehyde, which may affect your nails.

5. Cuticle Care: Taking care of your cuticles is extremely important in order to benefit your nails to a large extent. If the cuticles are not taken care of, it may damage your nails to a certain extent. Also, cuticle may lead to a risk of bacterial or fungal infections on the nails as well as the skin around the nails. However, you should avoid picking them, as it may lead to free edges.