Hair Care Tips For Guys

Men’s hair also needs care and attention. So how can you deal with diverse problems like greasiness, breakage and product build-up? What’s the best way to tackle a thinning thatch? And how do you find a decent barber?

1. Give your hair an egg wash, the protein helps

2. We men tend to think that the harder we rub our hair after washing the quicker it’ll dry. In reality, an over-zealous towel drying technique will just cause breakage – especially bad news if your hair already isn’t quite as thick as it used to be.

“Hair tends to be weaker when wet (and hence more prone to damage) so don’t rub too hard,”. “Instead, pat dry to avoid putting any extra stress on it.”

3. A common mistake men with dry and coarse hair make is over-washing it. “If that’s your hair type limit washing to once or twice a week and always apply a conditioner. “Washing it every day will just make it even drier. If you reduce washing and use a conditioner the result will be smoother, healthier looking hair.”

4. “Many of the store bought and professional shampoos, conditioners and styling products not only build up on the hair but on the scalp too,” “Once a month wash hair with a small amount of washing up liquid,”  “Do this twice and let the second one sit for a minute or two. Then, after rinsing thoroughly douse the hair with household vinegar, to restore Ph balance, and rinse again. This will make the hair super shiny and freshens up the scalp, leaving it clean and healthy.”