Habits that Damage Your Liver

The liver works with the gallbladder, the pancreas and intestines to digest, absorb, and process food. It filters the blood coming from the digestive tract, detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes drugs. Scholars have said that the liver performs about 500 functions in the body so it is important to maintain a healthy liver-protecting lifestyle.

1. High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of fat that the liver synthesizes and your body tends to use it as energy for a lot of your cells. So it will also be a basic element for many components of your body. But there should be a balance, cholesterol that is not used should be eliminated because the liver is what gets the excessIn that way, and because of this increase outside of what is expected and useful in the liver, you will end up causing certain liver diseases, like the well known fatty liver.

2. Proper Sleep

The truth is that your body is programmed so that at certain times in the night, it carries out certain detoxification processes. Your lymphatic system, for example, carries out detoxification first. Around twelve and two in the morning, the liver does its own. They are processes that are carried out properly only when you are in a deep sleep. If you break these natural cycles in your body frequently, you will end up feeling it.

3. Not Urinating in the Morning

Holding your urge to urinate can not only damage your liver, but also your kidneys. It is not advisable to do that. There are people that wake up in a hurry and leave the house with the idea of eating breakfast or drinking coffee at work, and when they are there, looking for a bathroom to urinate in peace may be impossible. This is a dangerous habit.

4. Not Eating Breakfast

When you wake up, your energy reserves of glucose are very low. It is a state that affects your liver and prevents it from getting energy to perform its essential functions. There are also a lot of people that skip breakfast to lose weight (which is a big mistake), or because they are in a hurry. Don’t skip breakfast, it is an essential part of your nutrition for your body, liver, and brain. They need this amount of essential energy to start the day.

5. Bad Diet

Liver dysfunction is a consequence of a poor diet that is high in fat and harmful elements that make it sick and take a toll on you. It is easier to resort to fast food because it saves you time and is satisfying. But in the long run, your health will feel it one day. The liver is very sensitive to poor dieting, the combination of sodium, calories, sugar, salt. It will discharge it as an increase in blood pressure, cholesterol.

6. Alcoholic Beverages

There is no element that is more harmful to your liver than alcohol. It is difficult to process it, it is damaging to it, and prevents it from doing its basic functions, thus breaking its chemical balance, destroying its liver cells and causing fatty liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis. Drinking a glass of wine a day is recommended and healthy but for the good of your health, it is not worth going overboard with dangerous alcohol.